The Case of the Missing Underpants

I don’t know what is happening to my husband’s underwear. It’s just disappearing!

He has so many pairs of underwear that he has to cram them down just to close the top drawer of his dresser. But somehow, after only a week since I last did laundry, he has no clean underpants.

I even sorted through the dirty clothes just so see how many pairs one man could possibly wear in a week. I only found seven pairs, plus the two in his suitcase for the lake make nine.

Where is all his underwear!!?

I asked the mister this question, and he is genuinely as confused as I am. I have been through the laundry twice and sorted all the miscellaneous piles of work clothes in our bedroom. No underpants.

I’ve looked in the various bags we’ve used for recent weekend trips. No underpants. They don’t just melt into the dresser wood, do they?

I mean, this is admittedly the first time I’ve had to deal with men’s underwear on a large-scale basis, so I suppose it’s possible they just disintegrate over time. But it doesn’t seem likely.

His socks, on the other hand, seem to be multiplying like rabbits; although somehow they are always born with holes (probably for the ears and tail).

In my search, however, I did find a package of undershirts I bought him when he “needed work shirts immediately,” a crumpled pair of socks from the LAST TIME he went to the lake (Febreeze. Immediately. Lots of Febreeze.), and a very nice shirt that I don’t think he has ever worn for me.

Now if I could just find those blasted underpants!


6 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Underpants

  1. Oh my darlings!! The chaos that ensues!! LOL!! Do you think there were more than 9 in the first place? Or could that have been how many it took to have to “cram them down into the drawer”? I am beside myself…. !!! 🙂

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