How I’ve Been “Countrified”

Isn’t it funny how, sometimes, what we once tried so hard to avoid turns out to be just what we always wanted?

I’m not exactly a “city girl,” but I grew up in rather large towns full of traffic, bright lights and ever-widening boulevards.

I always imagined myself ending up with a polished business-type who wore a tie to work and a jacket to church. Cowboy boots, layers of mud and a television show called “Swamp People” never factored into this daydream of mine.

But somehow that’s what I got. A southern-drawl cowboy who sometimes comes home from work with his boots and clothes so covered in mud that he LOOKS like a swamp person.

Since meeting the mister I have been exposed to many things, most of which I had no idea existed. For example, who knew that people dismantle the safety features on lawnmowers for the specific purpose of racing them through fields?

Who knew that TV shows about people who auction off the contents of old mini-storage lockers or sell things in pawnshops could be so interesting? Since when are there fishing rodeos? And why do people try to catch catfish with their hands when they make perfectly good fishing poles?

Since the mister and I started dating, I have not only been fishing and caught something, but forced to actually TOUCH said fish. I have registered for (and gotten) a deep fryer for our wedding.

I have spent hours on end watching Storage Wars and Pawn Stars and might (MIGHT!) finally be able to tell the difference between a “cool” car and a “not cool” car. (We’re still working on that one though. And, as of last weekend, I have actually seen a real “live” scarecrow. As in, a stick with clothes on it in the middle of a field. People still use those!!

Now that I’ve found it, I can’t imagine being with anyone who didn’t wear cowboy boots to almost every occasion, have calluses on his hands and a tan line on his shoulders, and come home with stories of chasing rebel goats through a muddy pasture (and looking like the goats might have won).

My husband has cut open animal carcasses, turned bulls into steers and had his arm up the back of a cow.

But he has also helped a cow in trouble have her calf and helped nurse malnourished puppies back to health. He has so much tenderness in his muddy hands that sometimes it blows my mind I could have ever wanted anything else.

Seems like God really does know what he’s doing, huh?

“Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers. Remember when you’re talkin’ to the man upstairs that just because he doesn’t answer doesn’t mean he don’t care. Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers”
–Garth Brooks, “Unanswered Prayers”


4 thoughts on “How I’ve Been “Countrified”

  1. You’d never seen a scarecrow before? Wow. Making scarecrows (either the dressed ones or the tin pie pans) was one of our favorite things to do as kids.

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