From My More Muscular Half

This week’s post was written by a guest columnist. He’s finishing up a news writing class right now (much to his complaint and distress), but he’s not all that bad, actually. The following is a column he wrote for his publication credit in said class, and I wanted to share it with all of you. So here, without further ado, is The Mister is his Nut House debut. 🙂


I’m a regular student at UTM.  I get up every morning, go to class, work, study and sleep.  One thing makes me a little different than most students:  I have a gold band on my left hand.

When most students find out I’m married, they look at me like I’ve grown an extra arm.  The same questions are generally asked when people find out:  “How old are you?” “Are you having a baby?” and “Why?”

The answers are as follows:  22, Lord willing not for a while, and because I love my wife.  I know I’m not the only student at UTM who is married, but there aren’t just tons of married students running around campus.  The other question usually asked by closer friends and family is: “How is married life?”  So here’s the truth:

I love it.  My wife and I have loved and supported each other through this past semester and it has made it one of my favorites.  Married life is also busy.  We’re “big kids” now.  We have bills, rent, insurance, etc., all on top of having to go to class, but we get by the best we can and so far we’re doing fine.  All in all I love it and I wouldn’t go back for anything.

The final question from those who tend to look at me like I’ve grown extra appendages is: “How do you survive?”  We survive like every college student and relationship.  We live within our means to the best of our ability.  We make time to go out and do special things, but we remember that we have bills and we’re living on a fixed income.

We communicate and listen to each other.  Communication is crucial to any relationship and married life is no different.  We also love each other.  Not just say it, but live it by supporting each other.  Support is not just those words of encouragement, but getting involved and helping when possible.

So how is married life?  It’s different that’s for sure, but it’s great.  If you’re engaged and want to wait until after school to get married, that’s great.  If you’re like us, then you now know it isn’t impossible to be a married college student.  I promise you won’t grow any more arms.


2 thoughts on “From My More Muscular Half

  1. I love this. I, also, am a married student. I do believe that I have benefited from having my husband to encourage me through my last year of school. I love being married. So more power to you, two!

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