The Voice(s) of Reason

The Mister is often the voice of reason in our house. However, he’s also the voice of many other things. Howie Mandel’s “Bobby,” the white bat from Anastasia, “Gru” from Despicable Me, Batman and the penguin from that Pier 1 commercial come immediately to mind.

I don’t know how he does it, but he knows which voice to pull out to make me crack up laughing every time. And I mean every. single. time. I don’t know why hearing the voice of that penguin giggle and say “my foot’s smooshed in a cupcake” never gets old. I don’t know why it’s not annoying to hear an entire day’s activities narrated in the Russian-ish voice of Gru. It should be, but it’s not.

Everyone I’ve ever talked to has always said that finding someone who makes you laugh is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, and I agree it’s definitely in the top 5. I dated a guy once that was incredibly intelligent and we had deep, world-problem-solving conversations, but he wasn’t funny. It just wasn’t his nature.

The Mister, on the other hand, is not afraid to joke his way out of trouble and pull out the “Bobby” voice to distract me from whatever I was about to get upset about. I’m usually so busy laughing at his narration and accompanying gestures that I forget why the problem was a problem in the first place.

It’s also a very good way to relieve tension. Like when we could hear water dripping in our bathroom ceiling and a bulge above the shower was getting bigger, hearing Matthew tell me we should call the maintenance department was depressing. Hearing the “Bobby” voice say, “Uh oh… somefing is dwipping…” was hilarious.

I realize this is one of those posts you can’t truly appreciate unless you’ve been there in the moment, but it’s actually, somehow, become an important part of our marriage. The voices are something that only we truly appreciate and that never transfer well in the retelling. It’s like they’re our own little jokes the rest of the world doesn’t understand.

So don’t worry about me. The next time I do something that may seem a little off, it’s probably because Batman told me to.


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