They told me it would happen…

This week’s Monday post was going to be about our experience with buying an island car and driving for the first time, but that’s going to have to wait for another day because last night, as we were drifting off to sleep, I was suddenly slapped in the face with another blog topic.


The Mister: “Are you ok?”

Me: “My nose feels funny.”

The Mister: “Well does it feel sad?”

*moment of silence while I process this*

Me: “What?”

The Mister: “You said it feels funny. Does it feel sad?”

Me: “Did you really just ask that?”



My second thought: “This has to be a blog post.”


People told me it would happen – that girls look for husbands that remind them of their fathers. To everyone’s credit, I had been warned.

Now, just to clarify, I have been blessed with a wonderful father and am a hopeless daddy’s girl in most scenarios. I always wanted to find a man that was about 40% my dad and 60% my grandfather, and I think I did. The Mister is attentive, kind, affectionate, hardworking, resourceful, intelligent and I can totally see him helping me up and down the stairs after two knee replacements when I’m older.

And while the Mister has always made me laugh, it’s only in the last few months that his sense of humor has become drier and alarmingly more like my dad’s somewhat warped sense of the hilarious. My brother and I grew up telling our dad on a probably daily basis, “Daddy, that’s not as funny as you think it is,” and now I find myself mentally telling my husband the same thing. I had hoped the Mister would not scar our children for life by telling them that black olives are monkey eyes and bananas are moldy spider legs, but that may still be in my future (as well as in my past. . .  *shudder*).

Of course, I turned out alright I guess, despite my dad’s strange jokes, dry sarcasm and affinity for awkward comparisons, so I suppose the Mister turning out the same way wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

. . . Until our son stands up in the middle of a restaurant one day after asking what his dad’s eggs-over-easy are and yells, “THAT’S NOT BUZZARD PUS!” for the whole world to hear. Maybe then he’ll learn. . . just like my daddy did.  🙂


7 thoughts on “They told me it would happen…

  1. I know exactly what you mean. One of my son-in-laws tells jokes that none of us understand, but everyone laughs so hard because he thinks it is hilarious. There are a bunch of us since we started out with 5 kids and are now up to 6 grands and 7 greats. There are a lot of us to laugh. ha!! Good luck and God Bless You both. How blessed you are to have such a wonderful dad and husband. I have the wonderful husband but Billy and I lost our dad very early. He was 7 me 4. I try and never envy anyone but if I did it would be for someone blessed with their daddy for a long time. Tell the Mister I continue to help pray him through his tests.

    • Thank you for your prayers! And somehow senses of humor that no one else understands are the funniest, not because of the joke but because of the joke-teller’s reaction to their own joke. 🙂

  2. There are times it is frightening just how much my husband resembles my father. From the singing made-up songs to the driving crazy on purpose to scare me, these two men have way too much in common. Lol. I guess I should have guessed this when my dad and hubby hit it off right away when he came home to meet my parents.

    • The mister does his best to scare me too! Whether it’s threatening to spray water all over me, getting a grill spark plug lighter dangerously close to the edge of my pants, or turning all our bedrooms lights off and making the Predator noise so i start freaking out… He’s good at it

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