Top Ten Thursday – Local Flowers and Plants

There are so many types of flowering plants here, some I’ve seen before and many I have not. So this week’s top ten Thursday will focus on pictures of those I think are most interesting or most popular. This is not a scientific list by any means, it’s based mainly on which types I have pictures of. I’m sorry I only know the names for the ones I’ve actually seen in the botanical garden; the others just grow wild.

paper flowers near the ocean

1. First of all – my parents have a tree in their backyard that has all these dull yellow, papery flower sacks and we always thought it was weird looking. Well, here, those same papery flowers come in a variety of bright colors and grow on bushes that are often used as hedgerows. Here are photos of a few bushes on campus. 


bright pink paper flowers  light pink paper flowers  purple paper flowers

P1150158 2. This one is called – can you guess? – a Hanging Lobster Claw. I’ve only seen them growing in the botanical garden here at Caribella Batik, but these fruits (I guess you could call them that?) are often cut off and used as table decorations. They look a little like odd orange bananas all hanging in their bushes.


3. I have no idea what this thing is.

P1140845I’ve only ever seen it growing in a giant bush near the dorms here on campus. The brown pods at the top right are the bursted-open version of the green ones at the left. They have tiny red seeds inside them and are fuzzy on the outside, a bit like a kiwi.

                                           P1140850  P1140848


4. This is one of my favorites. I don’t know what it’s called, but it grows in these big clumps on trees. The flower clumps often cover the tree to the point that it looks like the branches are on fire.









5. The plant above is very similar to this one, called a Flame of the Woods. This one has a little bit different petal configuration and grows on low bushes rather than on trees. I love their fiery colors though.

6. This type of flower looks like a pile of purple ice shavings. So light and feathery, you can barely feel it when you touch it. It grows on bushes and the tiny feather petals tend to rain down onto the ground beneath it, making it look like purple snow.


7. This flower (I think it’s a flower?) grows in


short stalks close to the ground and has sharp points at the ends of the pods.








8. This bush has feathery flowers that grow vertically up from the leaves. I think I’ve seen something similar in the States.






9. Then of course there is a classic Caribbean hibiscus,


which is the type of flower we often tend to associate with the islands and the beach. Or at least I do.






10. And finally, while not technically a flower, the Lipstick Palm Tree is pretty cool. It’s a shorter-type palm tree whose long leaves turn bright, highlighter pink at the ends. I’ve been told that the tree’s sap will stain your skin the same neon hue.

P1150172And just as a side note – if any WordPress users have some tips on easy ways to incorporate pictures into posts like this, please let me know. This entry took me an hour to figure out how to format! Thanks.



6 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday – Local Flowers and Plants

  1. No matter what you send earlier in the week, I am always looking forward to Thursday. I still print out and give to mine and Billy’s older sister (Tooter 81). She doesn’t have a computer but loves reading all this. I hope you get my comments. Please let me know for sure.
    Love to you and the Mister.

    • I’m glad you like the Thursday posts! Any particular reason? Is it that it’s a theme, or I try to use more pictures? I’d like to focus more on posts my readers like. 🙂 I’m running out of Thursday topic ideas though. Anything you would like to learn more about or see examples of?

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