Top Ten Thursday – Things We Miss (that you probably don’t even think about)

1. The feel of a comfortable pair of blue jeans on your legs. (It’s too hot here to wear them.)

2. Music we know the words to (or can understand the words to)

3. Real restaurants, like where you sit down, they take your order and there isn’t sand covering every available surface

[3b. A choice between staggering-drunk or not-staggering-drunk restaurants.]

4. Fast food, and not necessarily greasy McDonalds-type fast food, but just food that you order and it’s ready in 10 minutes

5. Smiling cashiers. Or even just one who pretends to care “how you’re doing today.”

6. All-in-one stores. Stores here are often a hodge-podge of items thrown together for sale. For example, it would not be unusual to find a store that sells shoes, bras, swimsuits, sunscreen, mixing bowls and trash cans but nothing else.

7. Thunder. Storms here make no sounds, just rain. Not even much lightening at all.

8. Changing seasons. We have two seasons here: raining and not raining.

9. 12-pack sodas. Cans here are sold individually and bottles are sold wholesale in 24-count packages – provided no one else broke it open before you got there.

10. Cars where all the doors work properly


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday – Things We Miss (that you probably don’t even think about)

  1. Random things I miss:
    – Highways and stoplights and well lit streets
    – Amen on the all-in-one stores. I miss Target and Walmart. =(
    – Being able to find almost every type of fruit/vegetable no matter the season
    – Malls
    – Quick drive-thru car washes
    – Having a cell phone plan with data

    • Oh goodness, how did I forget about malls??? When the upperclassmen lay their stuff out on the campus lawn on Wednesdays, it’s like the greatest shopping experience I’ve had since we moved here. I actually don’t miss traffic lights, but the easy car washes would be great. Ours is covered in dirt and cobwebs, with no real way to wash it. And, as I’m sure you know, the rain doesn’t help like you’d think it would. And I just want a cell phone that’s not pre-paid, much less with a data plan. lol! Thanks for the comments

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