…And then there were three!

I am proud, excited, thrilled, pleased, honored and absolutely, positively delighted to announce to the blog-reading world that the Mister and I are soon expecting a new addition to our little family!

gray and white puppy

Our new baby!

This is Meera. She is about seven weeks old right now, is passing her sister (Annabelle) in her house training skills and loves plush toys, rawhide bones, cuddling and having her belly rubbed. She’s a gray/silver and white color combination with a gray mark just above her nose, which she likes to stick into your face to get to know you better.

This sweet little girl actually made her mark on the Mister several days before we officially adopted her. . . and almost gave him a heart attack in the process. Our appointment to meet the puppies was this past Saturday, but I had mentioned the plan to a friend earlier in the week, who congratulated me on “our new baby.” This same friend later saw the Mister with a group of his study partners and proceeded to congratulate him on “becoming a daddy!”

Needless to say, there was a stir in the crowd and a panic on the Mister’s face before she clarified she meant the new puppy. I wish I had been there to see it! The story retelling is hilarious, especially when those who were present gather around to act out the Mister’s reaction.

While Meera is obviously not a human baby, she is what’s locally known as a “coconut retriever” – a breed of dog composed of so many breeds that nobody really knows how else to describe them. (Aka – a mutt – but coconut retriever sounds so much cooler.)

She is currently staying with her foster family through the S.A.F.E. St. Kitts Rescue Program until we move out of on-campus housing in late August and can finally take her home with us. I’m so excited! I want to be collecting up toys, treats and supplies now, but the Mister is making me wait until closer to time. (Meanie.)

We have debated back and forth about whether or not to keep her name or teach her a new one. According to Wikipedia, “Meera” is short for “Meerabai” (think Simba’s mother on The Lion King) and is the name of a mystical Hindu princess. Sometimes I want to keep it and sometimes I don’t; it tends to makes me think of a country boy saying “mirror.” My other top suggestion is Molly (sounds close and might not be heard to reteach to her).

puppy in her bed

So much cuteness! She looks sad here, but she’s actually watching her sister play with her toys.

What do you think? Cast your vote for the puppy’s name or leave us a new suggestion in the comments! I’ll be sure to let you know our final choice, as I’m sure she’ll be the topic of many a blog post to come.


9 thoughts on “…And then there were three!

  1. She will be great for you since you are alone so much! Congratulations on parenthood! Just don’t spoil her too much!

  2. I like Millie also. Annie Lee (Billy Dean’s niece) named their new cat we found at church Millie. Because she was found right where the church sits and that was mama’s place, Tooter said name her Mildred after mama’s middle name. Now that really didn’t sound like a cat’s name, so we all settled on Millie. ha!! That’s my story and I am sticking to it. I too am so excited for you. I wish Matthew had known his great grandmother–Annie Mildred Chesnut. She was a wonderful lady and mother. Have a great day. Love to you both.

  3. So happy that you guys are getting the chance to have this life adventure and now to add little Meera. She is beautiful!

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