The Island Car Chronicles

So when I wrote and posted “From Four-legged Children, on Two-legged Children” I only did that because I thought it was Monday and therefore time for a new post. Obviously I am more messed up than I thought I was.

But, even when I start to worrying about running out of post material, something always seems to pop up at the last moment and prove itself worthy of Nut House fame. This week, it’s the island car chronicles.

We bought our car a few weeks into the semester (remember this post?) and didn’t have any major issues with it for a while. That is, until the transmission FELL OUT during the Mister’s finals week. Quite literally.

I was driving home from a VIP event the Tuesday night of finals week and the car suddenly made a loud POP! and started skidding and grinding metal in the middle of a roundabout. Thankfully there is a gas station at the edge of this particular roundabout and I was able to pull in and grind to a stop before I was rear-ended or veered into oncoming traffic. I got out thinking I had just blown a tire, but upon trying to restart the car I was greeted by the most horrendous screeching noise ever heard by man. The gas station attendants helped me push it to an actual parking space, since it obviously wasn’t going anywhere by itself.

The Mister came to rescue me and, with the help of a Ross security patrol car, we were able to go home and call a mechanic in the morning. We made a down payment today on what turns out to be a complete rebuild of the transmission (an axle snapped, thus the screeching and no-wheels-turning problem).

But it’s not just our car, oh no. That would be way too easy.

The girl who brought Matthew to come rescue me got to the gas station and discovered a huge hole in her transmission hose, causing her car to leak all over the parking lot and become unsafe to drive back that night. She also left her vehicle at the station and rode back with us in the security car.

The next morning, a friend tried to drive the three of us back to the gas station so we could meet with the mechanic and discuss our options. His car wouldn’t start when we got in. Another friend helped us move to our temporary place a few days later and she also discovered a battery problem.

Now the car we’ve been borrowing over the break has a major power steering fluid leak and popped a tire, which we had patched this morning.


Some days I wonder, I really do.

I haven’t done the research on how much it would have cost to ship a car to the island, but I’m starting to wonder if it wouldn’t have been more cost-effective to ship a reliable car here and then sell it to another student when we leave. But of course then, with our luck lately, something would have gone wrong and there would be no mechanic on the island who knows how to fix something that isn’t already a piece of junk.

Island cars – 5. Chesnuts – 0.

On the bright side, however, we seem to have chosen one of the island’s only mechanics with a sense of timeliness, so he estimates our work will be done by the end of this week – thankfully just in time to start the new semester.

One semester to go until Christmas vacation. It’s so hot here, I think I’m going to get off the airplane in Nashville and purposefully stand outside without a coat just so I can appreciate the sensation of freezing to death.


2 thoughts on “The Island Car Chronicles

  1. I am glad that you are able to put a humorous spin on the frustrations and downright difficult situations you are facing soooo far from home. And I’m glad you have each other to share it with, supporting and encouraging one another. The two of you are in our thoughts and prayers.

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