Top Ten Thursday – Starting Second Semester

This week’s top ten Thursday is going to be a quick list of five reasons why I can’t wait for break to be over and five reasons why I’m sad for it to end.

I can’t wait for break to be over…
1. Because we’ll be down to only one dog (that I’m responsible for) and all our friends will be back on the island.
2. Because we’re going to try to retrain Meera to potty when the Mister goes to school and then go back to sleep until I wake up (which hopefully means I’ll be getting more sleep).
3. Because all our stuff will be in the same house and we will (hopefully) have our own car back and (hopefully) have internet throughout the whole house.
4. Because we’ll have a pool in our front yard to chill out in.
5. Because it means we are that much closer to my mom and grandparents coming to visit in October and to us going home for Christmas.

I’m sad that it’s ending because…
1. I won’t see my husband again until Christmas break.
2. We’ll have roommates again, and while I really like our roommates, it’s been nice being able to wander around the house in my underwear because it’s too hot to put real clothes on.
3. I’ve only just gotten the Mister to stop talking about classes and exams in every single conversation and now all the jibberish is going to start up again.
4. The Mister will be back to playing beach volleyball on Friday nights, which means having to sit in the hot sand like a good supportive wife while trying to half listen to, half tune out the conversations around me.
5. The Mister’s stress level is going to go back through the roof, this time with little-to-no air conditioning at the house.


Penny for your thoughts?

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