Shameless Self Promotion

It’s getting harder and harder to come up with something to talk about each week and, obviously, sometimes I forget. I really love writing for this blog and I’ve worked hard for and appreciate each and every person who has ever taken time to read my ramblings.

But nothing happens here worth talking about.

Literally, the highlights of my life since the last post have been finding four dead centipedes in the living room on consecutive mornings, getting 38 mosquito bites the size of quarters, trying to teach my dog not to eat plastic and finding out that our mechanic hasn’t found a rear axle for our car yet, so we’ll likely be without transportation for a few more weeks.

Oh – that and the few moments of panic yesterday when I looked out the porch window and realized the dog was in the yard playing with a pair of my underwear that she’d stolen from the bathroom floor. But aside from that. . .

The company I work (very part-time) for has put me in charge of launching a new campaign, however, so I guess I could do some shameless self-promotion and talk about that.


                Part of speech: verb

                Definition: Love God, Love People.

                History and usage: Coined in 2013 by the founder of LOGOLOPE, inc., a business and aviation consulting firm, the term “logolope” is intended to remind company employees and those in the community that the easiest way to begin building a Christ-centered lifestyle is to remember how much love God has for us and then reflect that love out into the world. Treat others as you want them to treat you, but more importantly, treat others as God has already treated you. It includes patience, understanding and kindness, as well as a desire to be more like God.

The logolope campaign is primarily social media-based and focuses on the use of the logolope “hashtag” (#logolope) on Twitter and Facebook to create a conversation among social media users. Promotional products are also being created for distribution to those who would be interested in helping spread this idea in other communities. You never know who might walk by and ask about your shirt or your wristband, thus creating a door of opportunity to introduce them to a simple way to begin their own foundations.

Visit the campaign Facebook page or follow @logolope on Twitter to get product updates, tips and ideas to strengthen your foundation, applicable Bible verses, and to share your stories and hear stories from others who are striving to Love God, Love People in their daily lives. Also, try to include #logolope in your own Facebook and Twitter updates, maybe when you see someone loving others as God loves them or when you feel inspired by a particular Bible verse or sermon point. Join the conversation and be part of the movement.

Thanks for the support, and let’s see how far we can take this. Who knows? WWJD was pretty big.

[Also – if you’re a business owner,  you may be interested in LOGOLOPE, inc. itself. They provide technical writing services for both print and web content, web design and hosting services, and business consulting services in the government and military aviation industries. They are currently offering free, one-page websites with hosting services to any church, small business or organization that is interested. Visit to learn more.]


6 thoughts on “Shameless Self Promotion

  1. Would love to hear more about the island itself. What kind of shops, businesses, etc. you have there. How big is the congregation where you are attending.

  2. I am a possible future VIP. My fiancee is 32 and everyday regretting not putting himself in the position to go to vet school. He had some health complications during his undergrad that caused him to earn lower than desired grades and lengthened his time in school. He lost hope at that point that he would even be accepted anywhere. We know through professors and other classmates at Clemson University that Ross and other Carribbean schools are a real option for people like him. However, I’m having to push him and assure him that he CAN do it. He would be a better, more ethical, and efficient vet than 90% of those currently practicing and I want him to achieve his dream.

    My questions revolve more around the life of a VIP. The question here is, how do we make this work? We will be married in May, and he would not be a Ross candidate for at least 2 years I think due to catching up on some classes, tests, etc. We want to have children before we are too old (I’m 26), so I am considering having our first child before admission to vet school and then waiting until he graduates to have to the second. Do you know other VIP’s with children? How do VIP’s make money? I don’t want to be totally broke, but I also don’t want to live apart for two years while I work a job at home in the states. I was wondering if there were any paying opportunities to babysit, work somewhere on campus, good online options (the only ones I have ever heard of are surveys-which I have yet to earn money for-or scams). I realize that you can’t just walk into any establishment and apply for a job. But I want to know how I pay my bills while I’m there. I’m currently a bank teller with a degree in Animal and Veterinary Sciences (Clemson University), with experience in food service as well. I’ve worked on farms most of my life and would love the opportunity to volunteer with animals or other outdoorsy things, too.

    WHAT DO I DO?!?!

    If you have any suggestions or know of any other island bloggers that are in my situation, I’d love to check them out! I’m really enjoying reading yours and look forward to more!

    • Melissa! I would love to talk to you about all of this! I have lots of information and have been dying to have somebody ask me to share it with them. Do you have an email address I could use? I have a feeling this will be a rather long conversation.

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