Top Ten Thursday – Ten things to cram into your suitcase when you come to visit

This post is a requested topic from an uncle of mine (which makes me wonder if the uncle is planning to come see me?), and it actually makes me happy to write because my mom and maternal grandparents are coming to see us next month.

[21 days from now, actually. Yes, I do have a countdown on my iPad.]

When they asked if there was anything they could pack for us in their extra suitcases, I have to admit I went a little crazy. One short list turned into two short lists and that soon turned into a couple of emails and many Facebook messages. . .  and I had to make myself stop. I know they are already spending way too much money to come, so I feel bad asking them to bring things. But at the same time, when the opportunity arises to get things from home, only a stupid person doesn’t try to take advantage of it.

So there were way more than 10 things that I asked for, but here is a list of the top 10 things I think we need someone to bring most. (Besides themselves, of course. We’re most excited about that. But when someone offers to bring a second suitcase of stuff for us, that’s not an offer we’ll turn down.)

1. Hand-held vacuum cleaner (to get the dog hair off the furniture and the sand out of the bed.)

2. Capri pants for me (I only have three pairs of shorts that I rotate endlessly throughout the week.)

3. Tide detergent pods (because laundry detergent is like gold on this island and just as expensive.)

4. Towels (because people bought us a ridiculous number of towels when we got married, but somehow here we only have five. And that’s for showers, beach and pool time. And the dog.)

5. Flip flops (because the puppy likes to chew on mine.)

6. Small kitchen items, like plastic containers and rubber spatulas (again, because we have so many from the wedding and hardly any to use here.)

7. Retractable leash and small bones or toys for the puppy (so she doesn’t feel the need to chew on my flip flops.)

8. Gatorade powder and cooking mixes for muffins, cookies, brownies and sauces (you wouldn’t believe how expensive it is just to make cookies here! And mix packets are easy to pack between clothes.)

9. Lightweight tank tops (because the t-shirts I would normally wear at home are way too hot here on most days.)

10. Masking tape and permanent markers (because strange things always need to be labeled, in particular one of our stove knobs, which was put on wrong and “MED HI” is actually OFF and you have to count the notches clockwise to figure out what setting you’re actually using. And yes, we’ve tried taking it off and putting it back on correctly, but we can’t get it to come off.)

Island kids – what’s something you’ve asked family to bring you from home?


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday – Ten things to cram into your suitcase when you come to visit

    • No! No more smarties! I don’t remember when i ever asked for smarties but i must have mentioned them at some point because we literally had someone send us an entire box just of smarties. We have plenty. We do like them, so it was appreciated, but still. No more smarties please.

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