Top Ten Thursday – Old Habits That Die Hard

I’ve been taking note over the last few weeks of things that used to be commonplace in our lives that simply aren’t practical or useful here. So this week’s top ten list consists of things I haven’t done in months (or at least not since we moved out of the dorms) and that I probably won’t do again while we are still on the island.

1. Sleep underneath the blankets (why add additional layers between you and the meager air flow? This includes pajamas.)
2. Take a hot shower (you don’t want to heat up yourself or the bathroom, since the steam will only cling to your skin for the rest of the day and make you feel like you never showered in the first place).
3. Drink hot chocolate (one of my favorite comfort foods, but no thank you).
4. Drink anything that hasn’t done a short stint in the freezer.
5. Wear tennis shoes (at home, I hardly ever take them off, and I am certainly never barefoot. Here, I only put them on to go out at night, when there are centipedes afoot).
6. Enjoy hot food. (We make it because we have to eat sometime and sandwiches got old quick, but I regret every mouthful as it slowly heats up the inside of my stomach.)
7. Snuggle (with anything. The Mister, the dog, an extra pillow. It’s not worth building up trapped body heat).
8. Go outside after dark without a flashlight and some sort of shoes on (last week a flashlight saved me and the dog from a giant centipede near the front stairs, and then helped the boys hunt it down and kill it so it didn’t get into the house).
9. Go outside between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., if I can help it. (The exception to this rule is going to a pool or to the beach to cool off.)
10. Stay in any room that doesn’t have a ceiling fan at minimum and a couple of stand up fans at best. (Otherwise you melt into the tile floor.)

What is something you had to change about your routine when you moved to a new place or started a new job? Any new habits you’ve held onto, regardless of their practicality?


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