The Passage of Time

Individual days often seem to drag on into infinity, and I’ll find myself wondering if it’s dinnertime yet and then realize it’s only 2 p.m. and the Mister won’t be home for another 4-5 hours. I watch a lot of “Bones” (a TV series about forensic science that is not for the faint of stomach), and I spend a lot of time online. A LOT of time. I am always amazed by the number of things that exist on the internet that have absolutely no purpose at all. Free website hosting is not always a positive contribution to society.

However, I’m also always surprised when the Mister gets home from class one day and announces that he’s headed off to his Friday night volleyball game down on the Strip and I realize that it is in fact Friday and another whole week has passed by. We have six weeks, including this one, until the semester ends and we head home for the all-too-short Christmas break. That’s 40 days from this posting and I couldn’t be more excited. I am beyond ready to get back to a land where the seasons change, pickup trucks rumble, country music is on every station and southern courtesy and hospitality is a normal thing.

The weeks have been passing faster recently, though, since I actually have something more productive to do these days. In addition to the social media work I’ve been doing for the LOGOLOPE campaign, I’ve also been working for the Ross Office of External Communications, which is basically the counterpart to UT Martin’s Office of University Relations, where I worked before we moved. I love the work – interviewing professors, attending special lectures and events, writing features and formal press releases – but I’m realizing with each piece that I’m either really out of practice or the expectations here are just very different from what Bud would have loved. Either way, I’m trying to figure out the learning curve as quickly as possible.

I’ve also spent most of this week with my babysitting charges, which has kept me very busy and is probably the cause of what I think is a pinched nerve in my shoulder. (The kids have developed a new game where they start from a fixed point and take turns running to me so I can swing them in circles. They never seem to get as tired as I do.) I originally interviewed for a position as their nanny, which was going to include light housework and occasional cooking as well as babysitting, but they hired a local cleaning woman to do that part instead. However, I still feel a bit like I’m the nanny anyway, since there are often small chores that I’m asked to do while the kids are napping. It’s not that I mind, necessarily, I just find it odd that they didn’t just make me the nanny in the first place.

The only difficulty I’ve come across in that position is that, this week at least, one or both of the parents have been home while I’m there with the children. This leaves me in a confused state, since I can’t really take authority with the kids while their parents (who obviously have all the authority) are there, but I’m not sure what’s expected of me otherwise. This in turn has led the parents to think that I’m not really confident dealing with their toddlers, but at least they have been nice about “teaching” me. Last night they had me stay to help with bath time after they got home. I’m actually pretty good about bath time, but they weren’t able to see that because I have no weight when Mommy is home and I just flail around trying desperately to get Thing 1 and Thing 2 to listen to me, and then Mommy just thinks I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m also decently good at figuring out how to get children to stop screaming, but I can’t do that either if they’re both running to Mom and Dad instead of letting me console them to sleep. So it’s a bit of a frustrating circle, but hopefully they’ll consider me fully trained soon and stop coming home in the middle of the routine to help me with it. I’m the babysitter; I’m supposed to get the children through the hoops and into bed so the parents can enjoy their evening, so it would help tremendously if they would go away and let me do that.

So I’ve been pretty busy lately, but I’m bringing in a bit of money and it makes me feel more useful to our household, so that in itself is a good thing. 40 days until we get on the plane to go home; 26 days until we hopefully have keys to the new apartment; 14 days until “Catching Fire” comes to theaters (we get to see it here a full 24 hours before you guys in the States); and hopefully 10 days until Meera has her stitches removed and can run and play outside like the big dog she’s getting to be. This last one is actually the most important to me right now, since the poor thing is cooped up and DRIVING ME CRAZY with the insane amount of energy that she still has.

Happy Monday to all! And wow how time flies…


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