The bar can’t get any lower.

If I ever go to prison, it will be for disturbing the peace (or for inciting a riot, depending on how many people agree with me at the time).

Most anyone who’s ever met me already knows that I have a very low tolerance for stupidity. This is not because I consider myself intellectually above those around me, because I don’t, but I do think that common sense and good judgment are becoming increasingly less-standard in the new-model humans we’re churning out these days.

Most of my pet peeves revolve around the concept that people either don’t listen to the whole thing, don’t read the whole thing, or just don’t think about what they’re saying/doing before they do it. This is especially true when the speaker/writer obviously believes him- or herself to be smarter or more clever than the others involved, which in turn only proves them to be farther down the intellectual totem pole.

For example, people who WaNt To WrItE lIkE tHiS should be drawn and quartered. As should people who type lik dis becuz dey think it luks cool or sumpin. That has never been cool. Or intelligent. And while my parents’ generation seems to think that my generation did this (think advertisements where teenagers send what an adult thinks a teenage text message looks like), I’ve never had any friends send me a text like that. Ever. But I see it all the time in kids the next several years after me, especially in foreign students who type on Facebook – which is disturbing because that’s obviously where they’re learning to speak and write English. Heaven help us all.

Also, it drives me NUTS when people (again, this tends to be an older generation that only uses Facebook because their grandchildren set up their accounts for them [and then later regretted it]) click the Facebook “like” button on questions. Typically, I ask a question because I’m looking for an answer. You’re not required to respond in some way to everything, so if you don’t have an answer (that is useful and relevant), leave it alone! You only make yourself look dumb when you “like” a question and then just leave it hanging like that. The exception to this is if it’s a humorous rhetorical question, in which case “liking” the question shows appreciation for the joke and actually trying to answer it makes you look dumb.

Goodness there are so many other things. Like crowds of gossipy women who hang out in the aisles of grocery stores and tell each other the latest versions of their life stories because they have nothing better to do with their lives. Or independently wealthy students with no relevant animal experience who spontaneously decide to move to a Caribbean island and become a veterinarian, even though they don’t go to class or lab and refuse to have anything to do with poop, blood or cadavers because “I’ll never have to do that; that’s what techs are for,” and then think they’re just going to “tell the professors that lab isn’t useful to me and they’ll understand and i’ll still pass” because that’s how self-entitled they think they are. Or when people post a picture of something for sale and include the price right there with the picture, and then someone invariably asks, “How much is this?” anyway.

I could go on and on and on, but I’ll pass the ball to you instead. What are some of your pet peeves? What are some things that make you just want to stand in a public place and scream at the world for its rampant idiocy?


9 thoughts on “The bar can’t get any lower.

  1. Maybe this is really showing my age but all the people old and young bring these cell phones to church, lay them on the seat beside of them and take text or whatever. Sometimes they leave in the middle of service to take a call. As far as I am concerned, please take your BIBLES to church so we will know if you are looking up scriptures or playing a game.
    Just saying. Not meaning to offend anyone.
    You two have a great day. Wish I could get feedback from you. I love everything you write.
    I am going to click on follow up comments and see what happens. 🙂

    • Yes! I was about to ask you to click on the follow up comments button, because I receive every comment you send and I reply to many of them, so I would hate for you to never see the responses. I feel the same way you do about using bibles on phones or tablets. No one can really see what you’re doing, so it’s distracting and discouraging.

  2. Not necessarily, but I also feel that if you never let people know about those things they unintentionally do that drive people crazy, then they will never be able to change them and stop driving people crazy.

  3. helicopter parents, self entitled people (when they haven’t earned it), “not my fault” people and people with lack of basic grammar skills are a few of mine.

    example of not my fault: kid steps on ketchup packet to squirt their friend, the ketchup however ends up going all over the car beside them. “It’s not my fault, the ketchup went the wrong way”. Well, yes it is infact your fault.

    and by basic grammar I mean knowing the difference in things like:
    your and you’re
    there, their and they’re
    want and wont
    by and buy
    not the people that would argue whether I should have used a comma above between the word people and the word and. We went to a dinner show last weekend, where normal priced tickets are $65, and the signage and menus looked like they were done by someone that English was a 3rd language to them.

  4. Oh and can I add holiday shopping online? The ones where “the price is to low to advertise” and you have to put the item in you “cart” and proceed to checkout to see the price. Some goes as far as to have you put in your payment details before they will even show you the price.

    • I totally agree with all of the above. People here on the island speak English, for the most part, but I am constantly amazed by the number of typos and obvious errors I find in restaurant menus and advertisements. Even at the Marriott, which is basically “Little America” and has all their stuff done by American businesses – their room service menus look like somebody typed them in a drunken stupor and then sent them straight to print without any editing at all.

      And the kids who can’t take responsibility for their actions I’m afraid is a defect of the current parenting generation as well.

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