Top Ten Thursday – The Brighter Side

Well since my earlier post this week was on such a negative slant, I figured I should probably do something more positive for this week’s Top Ten list. So here is a list of my top ten favorite Caribbean sensations.

1. The rush of cool air as you stand outside and watch a storm blow in from the sea, slowly advancing toward the yard, gradually hiding the pastel-painted houses and tossing palm trees behind a curtain of solid white water.

2. The moment when the sun first dips behind the peak of the mountain behind the house at about 3:30ish every afternoon, when the shadows finally rest in the corners of the yard and everything breathes a sigh of relief that the temperature just dropped ten degrees.

3. The out-of-body feeling of standing on the front stairs watching monkeys run along the fence line and pick seed pods from the trees hanging over the yard. Even better when a few baby monkey screeches become a normal part of your morning.

4. That first shiver when you stick your feet into a cold swimming pool (or step into a cold shower) on a scorching day and wonder if you really want to get in, and then you just do it anyway before you melt.

5. The surprise of climbing down a hillside to a beach that disappointingly looks like it’s covered in trash, and then looking down to realize you’re surrounded by sparkling sea glass.

6. The feeling of isolation when you find a secluded or forgotten beach, leaving you alone with the crashing of the ocean and whatever treasures have made their home along the shoreline.

7. The cool of the night air in the wee hours of the morning when the puppy sometimes has to pee too early, when I’m the only one around to watch the palm trees sway in the breeze and the moonlight bounce off the Atlantic and dance across the candy-colored roofs of a dozen Caribbean houses.

8. The feeling of standing alone at sunrise, in a living room that hasn’t yet become hot, watching the puppy explore the yard in the first light of morning as the clouds over the ocean start to turn pink.

9. The shock of driving along the highway at night and glancing out the window to see a giant, sparkling birthday cake illuminating half the island as a colossal cruise ship pulls slowly away from the dock and takes its passengers to other places unknown.

10. The creak of the gate in the evening when the boys get home from school, and the swish of the puppy’s tail as she runs to the railing to make sure it’s daddy before dashing down the stairs to greet him and get a belly rub on the sidewalk.


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday – The Brighter Side

    • I have to admit that, since the rainy season has restarted and the trade wind have come back, the days are more pleasant than not, and there is usually at least one point that I look out the windows and love how beautiful it is.

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