Well THAT’S not something you see every day…

This week’s Thursday post isn’t going to be the usual Top Ten list because the Mister and I saw a voodoo man on the street the other day, and that ranks pretty high on my list of things worth mentioning.

This is not the voodoo man we saw, because there was no way I was stopping the car long enough to take his picture, but it gives a basic visual.

This man was pretty tall on his own, but he was also wearing this giant black top-hat-type thing that sloped up in the front and made him look eight feet tall, he had white stripes painted on his face, crazy dredlocks down to his waist and, judging by the way he swayed when he walked toward the street, was either very drunk or under the control of some unearthly spirits.

The Mister says he was also holding a chicken. Creepy.

I really only saw him because I was afraid I was going to hit him with our car as he stepped into the street. I’m not sure what kind of crazy stuff might happen to you if you hit a voodoo man with your car, but I really didn’t want to find out.

Also, whenever I think of the word “voodoo” I instantly think of this (read left column then right):

I’ve never seen the movie/heard the song this comes from, so if the context is inappropriate please forgive me, but for whatever reason I’ve heard this once or twice and it always comes to mind.

So, you seen any chicken-toting, straw-doll-poking, demon-callers lately?


5 thoughts on “Well THAT’S not something you see every day…

  1. “Dance, magic dance!”

    I love “The Labyrinth!” David Bowie is the awesomest bad guy ever as the Goblin King. Erin, watch it now. It’s a Jim Henson movie. Kinda creepy, mostly corny, but oh so funny. I now want to watch it again. 🙂

    But voodoo guys are creepy. Glad you didn’t stop.

  2. That’s King Jareth! aka David Bowie, patron saint of glam rock! 🙂

    Also, you should definitely watch Labyrinth, the Henson movie that clip is from. The music and characters are a lot of fun, and the 80s special effects are really funny. But be warned. It IS a little creepy. Still, I have a Labyrinth poster that I got in middle school, so can’t be THAT creepy…

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