The Gang’s (Almost) All Here

Well I’ve almost filled the barn. I only have two Easter chicks and two bunnies left until all the Easter crochet critter preorders will be done. And thank goodness for that! I’ve made 28 of these things total, and I can tell you I intend to never make another bunny or chick ever again. Other animals, yes certainly, but no Easter-themed orders.

In other crafty news, one of the Ross students gathered together a group of students interested in learning to knit or crochet and we are having our first group meeting tomorrow evening. This student, Samantha, will be teaching those who want to learn to knit (I have no idea how) and she’s asked me to teach the beginning crocheters. Most of the comments on the Facebook page show interest in granny squares, so I’ll spend tomorrow finding good patterns for beginners and making a few example swatches to demonstrate the various basic stitches. Should be fun; I hope for a good turn out. I’ve only ever tried to teach one other person before and that was stressful, so I hope this group is more determined to learn.

I’ve been working on making African Flower hexagons in the past few days, which I hope to one day turn into a blanket.

african flower hexagon crochet

This is an African Flower hexagon – a type of shaped granny square – that can later be attached into a larger blanket.

My mom is sending a duffle bag full of new yarn colors with my in-laws when they come to visit in April, so I’m very excited to get that when it comes. So many possibilities!

What do you think I should make next?


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