Hurricane off the port bow!!

(Bonus reader points if you know which of my favorite movies that line comes from.)

Ok, so it’s not hurricane season yet (that starts in June), but you can sure tell we’re headed in that direction. The weather here has been beautiful – your idyllic Caribbean vacation weather – since early December. “Summer” (as opposed to what, I don’t really know) doesn’t technically start until May, but those of us who have been here through the “winter” can already tell it’s starting to heat up again.

Of course, “heating up” is a very relative idea around here.

Basically I mean that there isn’t quite as much breeze off the water, the ceiling fan doesn’t seem to be quite as effective as it was and I find myself kicking off the bed covers more often than last month.

Yes, I know, all my polar vortex friends back home are throwing things at their computer screens right now and making up new things to call me.

You’d think that as a Tennessean I’d be used to the unrelenting humidity that makes you want to take a shower every time you step outside. But I’ve realized that, at home, you get to go inside. You endure the pressing heat for the time it takes you to get to your car or into a building, and then you cool down and spend the majority of your day inside an air conditioned office, house or vehicle. So, yes, your desktop weather report might say the temperatures and humidity levels are technically the same here as they are at my parents’ house, but remember, we don’t have air conditioning, so 89% humidity is a lot hotter when you have nowhere to go to escape it.

My in-laws are coming to visit at the end of April and asked me what they should pack to wear, because “it’ll be in April, so it won’t be so hot yet.” Ummm…. no. When the Mister and I got off the airplane at the end of last April, I thought I was going to have an instantaneous heat stroke right there on the tarmac. And we stayed that way for eight months.

But, rejoice! I only have one more summer to spend here and then I’ll be back in the great land of the changing seasons! (Albeit, just in time for Tennessee summer and tornado season, but, like I said, air conditioning makes a big difference.)

Can’t wait to see what Meera makes of her first cold snap…..

One thought on “Hurricane off the port bow!!

  1. If you need to transition back to stateside, stop here in FL. We have very similar weather, but you can find a/c. We had Fall last week. We don’t have the pretty color changing fall, just the day or two when all the old leaves, green or not, get pushed off the tree to make room for the new ones.

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