On Topic

I’m going to be starting a new periodic theme here on the Nut House blog called “On Topic,” which will be a series of short, personal essays on a given subject. Now, you might be thinking, “Isn’t that what a blog post is?” Well… yes and no. I try to keep my regular blog posts about actual events in everyday life and typically make an attempt to be funny. In “On Topic” posts, I want to try to be more philosophical — inspirational, if you will. Who knows if that will be achieved or not, but there is a piece inside me that aches to get back to that style of writing we studied in my literature classes in college. Not stuffy, academic writing, but something in-between that and the newspaper column-type humor I try to infuse into my normal blog posts.

I’m particularly inspired by a writer from one of my senior classes, whose name I cannot remember for the life of me (and Google isn’t responding to “famous author who writes about stuff”). One of those one-name authors… a really old dead guy… he might have been British… anyway, I know I didn’t resell or throw away the book, so he must have been someone I actually enjoyed reading. I do remember that class was taught by Dr. Chris Hill and that we ended up arguing about the merits of owning a cat through a lot of our lectures. But I digress (as did we, obviously).

This might be an idea I end up moving over to erinchesnut.wordpress.com someday (which is inactive now, so don’t go trying to look it up. And if for some reason it’s not, please just ignore whatever  content you can see there. It’s currently a terrible attempt at analyzing my industry). I’ve been sitting on the URL for a while now, intending it to someday be a professional blog in which I intellectually expound upon the changes and trends in the public relations world, but obviously that isn’t happening anytime soon.

At any rate, these articles will be included as the mood strikes me and will be archived under the new “On Topic” tab in the top menu. Feel free to let me know what you think or to suggest a topic.


2 thoughts on “On Topic

  1. Maybe an inspirational/motivational post about anyone (or significant other) planning on attending Ross should attend a few auto shop classes to prepare them for car ownership on the island…

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