Rush Orders

You really have to forgive me for being behind with my usual Monday post. I could make a lot of excuses, but the real reason is just that I never seem to know what day it is anymore. Our daily routine is a bit different with the Mister being a part-time student this semester, but I think he is gradually getting used to the details of being home during the day.

For example, he’s learned that you need to open both the top and bottom porch doors to get the most airflow through the house or it gets stuffy by about 10 a.m. And he’s learned that the dog will not poop while on her leash, even when she really, really needs to, so you have to wait until the yard is empty and then let her off long enough to get the job done before she explodes. He’s also found out that I keep the bedroom porch doors closed every other Monday morning so the pool maintenance people can check the pump without being eaten alive by our dog. It’s a long list of details that keep this place running peacefully.

I’ve been working on rush crochet creation orders for the past two weeks for a young lady who ordered six animals last semester before finding out that she has to return home for family reasons. She’s been very considerate – letting me know as soon as she found out when she would be leaving – and would still like to purchase as many of her animals as I can finish by the end of next week. Because she’s been such a good customer and hasn’t been demanding, like so many would be in this situation, I really want to get all her animals finished. Sadly, I don’t think that’s going to happen. I finished #4 this morning and hope to start #5 in time to finish, but #6 – a barn owl – is definitely not going to be done. I feel badly about this, but I’ve been working hard on them and there’s only so many stitches I can do in a day.

Here are some pictures of what I’ve finished in the last two weeks. (Pattern links in the captions for those who might be interested.)

crochet turtle toy

Turtle with removable shell – next time I’ll use elastic bands or something instead of the button vest; that part was too complicated.


Elephant – his back legs are weighted down with heavy metal buttons to help him stand up on his own without his head pulling him over.

This monkey lovey blanket – a combination of an animal head and a granny square baby blanket design – I did over a weekend in an effort to work on something different. I love how he turned out, and the young lady who ordered him has requested another!

monkey head for lovey blanket

Monkey head for lovey blanket

Coming down the pipe next are some Star Wars characters, a penguin, a donkey, a sea turtle and some cows. Wish me luck!


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