Rise of the Swamp People

I don’t know what’s been going on with our pool this past week, but I keep waiting for the swamp people to rise up and start knocking on my back door. Last weekend it was slightly iffy-looking, but we called the pool people and they came out and said it was fine. Then from Tuesday morning to Wednesday afternoon it got exponentially worse – almost by the hour. We also had this little visitor.

I thought this was a giant spider until i got a better look. He's big enough to eat!!

I thought this was a giant spider until i got a better look. He was big enough to eat!!

Unfortunately he was very much dead when I fished him out. He smelled it too. Our pool had enough chlorine in it at this point (you can see how green it is, and that was last Tuesday) to kill a small child, so it’s no wonder that Mr. Crab didn’t last long. He must have been up on the road level (higher than our first floor porch) and fallen down the maintenance stairs and splashed into the water. They are on the move lately on their way down from the mountains to the sea. Crabs migrate. Who knew??

Anyway, that green you see in the picture is nothing compared to what it was over this past weekend. Like I said, swamp people were expected at any moment. The pool guy has been checking on it and trying to kill the algae with chlorine and oxygen shocks and various other treatments all week long, and when he finally decided to just drain it and start over he told us, “There’s enough chlorine in there to kill Godzilla!” I then told him that I think he’d melted Godzilla in there and that’s why it was so nasty.

Anyway. The problem is being addressed. I just wish the house owners would finally agree to just go ahead and repaint the bottom and the walls while it’s empty. They originally used this cheap paint that isn’t really meant to be in chlorinated pools, so it’s constantly flaking off and leaving a powdery residue on your skin whenever you go swimming.

I’m just hoping that whatever’s been growing in there – that is apparently so resistant to all known methods of pool treatment – isn’t going to cause the next bubonic plague or something. But, if you do hear of such a thing getting started in the Caribbean, you’ll probably know where it came from.

In other news: Our cable and internet have been off and on constantly for the last week. According to our landlord, “the power went out to where they keep the cable boxes and they have to reset them.” Who knows what that even means, but at least we’ve been better off than our friends right down the street who haven’t had internet at all for days. (The Mister gets very cranky without internet.)

Also, Meera loves her daddy. In case anyone didn’t know that.

She barely lets him get in the door at night before insisting that he snuggle. So adorable. :)

She barely lets him get in the door at night before insisting that he snuggle. So adorable. 🙂

Happy Monday. 🙂


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