Making Progress

So I know I’m a few days late for my regular post, but things have been progressing well here and I am confident we will be able to make it off the rock by the end of the month without major incident.

We’ve been able to sell off a large bulk of our excess belongings over the past four days, have had a few test-drive requests on our car, and are working on all the paperwork to have various accounts closed and payments refunded before we leave. We don’t have a set return date yet, but we plan to choose that next week based on how successful we are at selling our car.

So I’m pleased with our progress overall. Hopefully we can get down to fewer than four checked bags on the way back so that we don’t have to find a way to get six pieces of luggage and Meera in her giant kennel through customs at the Miami airport. That’s what I’m worried about most – the flight back. Everything here can be taken care of, but once we get to the airport we just have to trust that everything will go smoothly and cross our fingers until we land in Nashville. After that it will all be over.

So we have 2.5 weeks maximum here, hopefully a little less if we can swing it. We are excited to be going home, but finding little things every day that we will actually miss about this place. The friends we’ve made here are the biggest things, but we’ll also miss all the clear open sky, access to swimming pools whenever we want, spiny lobster and having our own place (for a while).

Good thoughts appreciated! And if you have any insider knowledge on the Miami airport and how two people can get help moving large amounts of baggage through it please let us know. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. They have luggage carts you can rent, sometimes you can find one that someone didn’t return and use it. Your best bet will be to get a porter, they should be easy to spot, they are the ones standing around with luggage carts. Sometimes you get the customs agent that gives priority to people with porters. (has saved us quite a bit of time on cruises). I think the rule of thumb now is $2 per bag, But when he takes you around the corner to a very short customs line, it’s worth more than that. short of that, you call me, I’ll come down there in my truck and I will get you home.

    • You’re the best uncle ever, have i told you that lately? 🙂 that’s good to know about the porters and how much to tip them. I figured there must be somebody around to help people with more luggage than they can carry, but we’ve just never been looking for them.

      • 🙂
        yeah, i used to never look either. Never had more bags than I could manage. Now when we go on a 7 day cruise, she (I mean WE) have more bags than I can manage. So if it’s more than just baggage claim to the curb, I find a porter, and they have squeezed us ahead of the line numerous times. The quicker they can get you on the road, the quicker they can get to the next person, the more money in their pocket.

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