Quirks and Queertrons*

Wednesday seems to be unintentionally becoming my regular post day. Maybe if I made Friday my target post day I would actually get them up on Mondays. Lol.

I’ve finally gotten our apartment mostly organized and somewhat decorated, so I am happy with where we are for the moment. While we like the coziness of the place and the way it holds heat (thank goodness), it does have a few quirks that we’ve had to get used to, but I suppose every place does. Here are a few of ours:

  • The vent in the bathroom makes a loud crackling noise every time you open or close the door, so I always think something’s moving around in the house that shouldn’t be.
  • The floorboards creak, especially in the hallway, and I think they must be linked to the apartment next door because sometimes they creak when nobody’s walking on them.
  • The hot and cold faucet knobs in the kitchen are backwards, so the hot water is on the right and the cold is on the left, when they are normally the other way around. I burned myself several times before getting the hang of that. (Our water comes out HOT!)
  • The refrigerator tends to freeze things, even after we turned it down.
  • The stove makes a steaming noise like when water droplets hit the heating element… even when the stove is not on.
  • The utensil drawer in the kitchen doesn’t have a metal runner-thing on the bottom, so when you pull it out you have to hold it level because if you let go it will flip down and crash against the counter frame… and that’s if it doesn’t go completely into the floor.
  • When you run the microwave, the lamps in the living room flicker. If you run the microwave for more than three minutes at a time (say, for a baked potato), it blows a fuse and you have to turn everything back on at the breaker.
  • If the front door isn’t bolted, it moves whenever someone opens the stairway door and the pressure changes. This bothers Meera. A lot.

Ya gotta love it though. There’s nothing like having our own place again, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 🙂

[*Queertronnoun: An unexplainable force that causes strange things to happen without provocation or reason.]


3 thoughts on “Quirks and Queertrons*

  1. You should check the thermostat on the water heater. It may be too high, therefore wasting electricity. The faucet should be an easy fix. There is a flap inside the refrigerator that controls the freezer to fridge air ratio, probably stuck open

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