I’ve been searching for something worth blogging about all week, and it only just happened.

Several of my coworkers and I were in the marketing director’s (CW’s) office a few minutes ago chatting about campus events, and her phone rang. She answered, and a panicked expression immediately came over her face. “This is… this… ma’am… this is the university of… this is a business line…” she tried to say. Finally, she held the phone away from her ear and we could hear a woman screaming on the other end. CW looked at all of us in panic before saying, “I’m sorry, I have no idea what you’re talking about” and moving to hang up the phone. Just before the receiver hit the base, we heard the line say “You’ve been called by!”

We cracked up. The woman’s voice on the phone had been screaming “I know you called my husband! How dare you!” and other such related phrases. No wonder CW was shocked! We tried to figure out if the call was made purposefully to her, on accident, or if it was an advertisement for the website itself.

Minutes later, after we had all dispersed to our desks, RH’s phone rang. After listening for a few moments and hanging up, he came out and told us all, “I just got one too. Some lady wanting help finding her cat.” We determined it must be either an advertisement call or someone intentionally targeting our office – but we couldn’t think of anyone who might be responsible.

Then it was my turn. But my phone is different from the others — I have caller ID.

I answered my ring and a frantic woman’s voice asked, “Is this county animal control?” I didn’t answer, having caught on by this point, and waited for the tape to continue. “You have to come quick, there’s a raccoon in my living room! My children are home and it’s running everywhere. How did it get in? I need help now or it’s going to bite them. Please come! Hurry!”

I wrote down the number on the caller ID and realized it was an on-campus phone line. At that moment, DD, who’s office is right next to my desk, started laughing.

We descended on his office, but it’s hard to deny your prank when you’re laughing too hard to defend yourself.

Except when I searched the caller ID number on the campus website it turned out to be an assistant professor’s office line in health and human performance… so who knows how that came through the switchboard. But DD got his laughs and we got a little excitement at the end of a slow day.

Whoever thought we’d be sabotaged by the quiet little assistant in the side office. But you know what they say, it’s the quiet ones you’ve got to watch out for.


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