Resurrection, redemption and a false sense of security

Alright, so no fire alarm yet. It is now Wednesday of the week AFTER fire alarm testing week, and there has been no fire alarm yet. Not the day I was on vacation, not over the weekend, not during my lunch breaks. And yesterday the fire trucks were even parked outside in readiness.

They are toying with me.

Either that or the system just doesn’t work, which is a bad thing so I supposed I’m glad they are working on it.

Anyway, that’s the false sense of security part of this post.

The resurrection part is an old car I somewhat inherited from my great-grandmother. (She’s 103 years old and was still driving until earlier this year. I have longevity in my genes.) It was “dead like Fred” (as the Mister likes to say) earlier in March, after the big snow storms. This poor car has been pampered all its life, driven gently and kept in a warm garage since before I was born. Then it came to be with us, and from January to March it was driven daily, parked outside and left to freeze in more than 10 inches of snow. It was not happy.

So it turned in its ticket in mid-March. Clocked out. Gave up the ghost. Turned itself out to pasture. You get the picture.

The poor old thing refused to stay in gear and would not move unless abused into motion. We gave up on it and let the grass grow around the tires in the parking lot. A new transmission would cost more than the car is worth at this point. So there it sat for more than a month, until last week, when our landlord asked us to move it.

We fully expected to have to push it but, to the surprise of all assembled, it started! And it moved! And it went up and down the driveway a few times! Coughing and spewing smoke the whole time, but hey, IT LIVES!

So we took it to a mechanic last Friday and are hoping to hear back that it’s not a transmission problem and will be easier and cheaper to fix than we had first anticipated. Which would be FANTASTIC, since the Mister and I are currently juggling full-time jobs in opposite directions that start and end at different times. So one or the other of us is always either an hour early to work or has to wait around an hour after work, and everybody has to get up significantly earlier than necessary to make it happen. That’s the resurrection part of this post.

The redemption part is where Meera comes in (and yes, I know these are all out of order). She’s been “grounded” for several weeks now (has to stay in her kennel while we are gone) after chewing up several movies and video games and video game controllers earlier this month. She had an opportunity to redeem herself last week and failed, but yesterday I decided to try again. She had already put herself in her kennel before I left for work, and the door had drifted closed, but I decided not to latch it. I showed her that the door was in fact open and then I left. Later in the afternoon when Matthew got home, she was still in the kennel with the door still partially closed.

So either she climbed back into the kennel and closed the door to fool us, or she just never figured out that it wasn’t locked. Either way, we’re trying again today and if she can make it both morning and afternoon without tearing anything up she might earn a reprieve from her sentence.

I need one of those signs that you see in factories, “X number of days since a workplace accident,” except I need it to say “X number of days since Meera was home alone and ate something she shouldn’t have.”

So far we’re at one.


One thought on “Resurrection, redemption and a false sense of security

  1. Hope car comes back with good news, maybe just some seals not holding pressure in cold. Wish I was closer, could fix it in trade for bacon and peeps…

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