earworm (n) – [informal] a catchy tune or song that runs continuously through a person’s mind; sometimes known as a brainworm

Over last week and this weekend I had a favorite song. I played it loud on the radio; I played it in my office; I watched the video and sang along whenever I could.

Then, late Sunday night, it happened.

The earworm burrowed in deep enough that it started to physically impact my mental state. I hardly slept at all Sunday night because I couldn’t make the voices in my head stop singing. The chorus and random bits of verses tumbled through my mind all night, and as much as I searched, I could not find the “off” button.

I struggled all day yesterday too, and then this morning I was physically nauseous anytime a phrase from the song would pop into my head. I had to turn classical piano music on loud while I ate breakfast just to keep from throwing up.

It’s bad, guys. It’s really bad.

There should be a whole new word for this. Not just earworm, but something worse, more sinister. Like an ear centipede.

I can’t seem to stop. I’ll be in the middle of a relevant work-related thought and all of a sudden my brain starts screaming “MARILYN MONROE IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN! NEVER GROW UP, NEVER GROW OLD!!”

Is there a cure for this, or is this how people go slowly insane and find themselves in padded rooms by the age of 30?

For your listening pleasure….


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