I’ve been a bit lax with the blog schedule lately because I’ve been working on the invention of the century! No, of the millennium! Nay, of the history of the Earth!*

For years now I’ve spent some portion of every day using an absorbent material to clean and sanitize my dishes and cookware. How many minutes, hours, DAYS even have I spent splashing soapy water across my counters and into the floor because my sink was not large enough to hold the number of dishes two people manage to use in a day? How much of my life will I never get back because of this?

For ages I have thought there must be a better way, if only I could find it. Then, one afternoon, I was sitting absentmindedly in the living room listening to the soothing sound of the washing machine swish, swish, swish, swish, swishing the clothes around in the soapy water. Then the spin cycle came on.

And it hit me like a bucket of suds!

What if there were a machine, similar to a washing machine, that would clean dishes??!!!

Oh wow. My own genius overcame me. A machine, some sort of enclosed box, that could fill up with water, swish the dishes around and then dry them without breaking anything. Such a machine would need to have racks, of course, to hold the dishes steady while the water moved around them, and it would need to be able to heat the water hot enough to sanitize the dishes AND spray with enough force to scrub residue from the surfaces. Then some mechanism would have to be in place to safely drain the water and blow hot air to dry the dishes before they could be put away.

I’m still working out the kinks, but I’m thinking I might call it the BMW (Busy Mother’s Washer), although I’m still looking into the trademark rights. I thought about just calling it a dish washer, but it’s far too simplistic to just name something by its function, and what are my degrees for if not creativity?

*This post is, obviously, full of sarcasm. I haven’t had a dish washer since I left my parents’ house 4+ years ago and it is killing. me. slowly.