And so I bid you, “Adieu”

I’ve tried to start several blogs since high school, but this is the only one I’ve ever stuck with and really put effort into cultivating an audience. I am impressed by the number of views on each post, and I am honored to have been followed through the years by so many loyal readers.

I started The Nut House the month after the Mister and I got married and have somehow managed to keep it alive for three and a half years, in two different countries and through various household moves. You, my readers, have been with us all the way and I always appreciated the support and the creative outlet.

The Mister and I have many new challenges ahead of us still. The Mister will complete an internship in the spring and job hunting after that. We might be making yet another move. Someday we hope to have children, and I’m sure that will create enough blogging material all on its own. But until then, I feel now is a good time to step away and officially retire from the blogosphere – for the time being at least.

I’ve worked so hard on this forum that I couldn’t just let it slip away into anonymity without an actual ending of some kind, so this is the Nut House’s farewell.

Maybe someday I will start again with the story of our adventures as new parents, or maybe just a forum for the Study in Contradictions material, or maybe I will complete the jump into crazy crochet lady territory and start a blog about stitch patterns – who knows. For now, life goes on as usual and there is nothing new to report.

The website will stay online for as long as WordPress will allow, if for no other reason than to watch how many weirdos continue to post on the Finding Dragons in the Caribbean article from way back when. (Really, there are some crazy people out there who believe they are bonded to dragons, and I’ve found a way to attract them all.)

So here it is, the end of an era in my life, and perhaps in yours (if I may flatter myself so much). So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, adieu. May the force and the odds be ever in your favor.

God bless us, every one.

-The Missus


8 thoughts on “And so I bid you, “Adieu”

  1. Erin (The Missus), your blogs have been absolutely fantastic, hang in there, will be waiting for your return with your accomplished gift. Best of luck for you and The Mister into the future and I too hope to play with and help spoil a little one. Hope to see you guys Christmas, lots of love and best wishes always in all your journeys. Love you, Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Howdy too….

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