Not everybody gets this lucky

I know I normally tell stories here or try to give advice from my limited life experience, but today I want to take a moment and brag on the wonderful man God has put into my life.

When the Mister and I got married, we had a plan. And, like most plans, it didn’t happen exactly the way we’d intended. Sometimes life worked against us and sometimes we worked against ourselves, but now that we’ve more or less gotten where we’re going, I have to let the world know (and I hope he already knows) how incredibly proud of him I am.

He started his first full-time, lifetime job last week at a local clinic, and I know he has some reservations about it. He doesn’t have any letters behind his name, but let me tell you – he has worked hard to get there.

Clinic visitors may see a pair of blue scrubs and a simple name tag, but I see a man who didn’t let disappointment defeat him, who (literally) conquered oceans to chase his dreams and, when that didn’t go as planned, found another way to stay in the field he loves. This is a man who rose to the top of his class and had his pick of positions before he even got his diploma.

He turned down several offers to be where he is now, and he did it because he loves me and wants me to continue to be happy and not have to leave the place I love so much. If he weren’t married, he may have gone another way, but he took this path because he loves me. How did I get so lucky?

I pray for him every day. I pray he is happy in this new job and that he loves going to work every morning. I pray not only that his coworkers love and respect him, but that he respects himself. I pray I can be a good enough wife to make sure he never regrets his decision to put me and our family above a shiny hospital with all the latest toys.

I’m not sure yet how a person ever lives up to that sacrifice, but I’m working on it all the time.

Keep us in your prayers as we (continue) learning to be adults.

Happy Monday!

-The Missus