Because I married a caring man…

Because I married a caring man, I am sent inside to take off my heels while he walks the dog after work.

Because I married a caring man, I am allowed to sleep until my alarm goes off, even though he has to get ready for work as quietly as possible.

Because I married a caring man, I have a visitor for lunch on his day off. (This may also be because my building is a Pokestop, but we’ll let that pass.)

Because I married a caring man, we swerve for birds. (We are those people.)

Because I married a caring man, we’re getting another dog.

…Wait…. what?

Yes. You read that right. We’re getting another dog. I will admit I have not been on board with this over the past week, but this is me making an honest effort to get on the puppy train.

Yes! A puppy! We’re getting a puppy. Her name is Lucy (I named her, that’s something, right?) and she is approximately nine(ish) weeks old. She and her four siblings (no, we’re not bringing home the rest of them) came into the Mister’s clinic about a month ago after they were found abandoned at the local farmer’s market.

The Mister had been one of their primary caregivers for all these weeks, and had taken a shine to a particular favorite: a black lab-ish female with a white chest and two white toes on one foot.

This is Lucy.

Lucy is one of four remaining puppies after the first got sick and died. In an effort to save the rest of the litter, the siblings were split up last weekend and sent home with the clinic technicians. The Mister’s favorite quickly started to show symptoms. Bad symptoms.

This is the kind of disease that is highly fatal (but thankfully not transmissible to Meera), so the only options were to attempt to treat her (with small chance of success) and bring her home, or go ahead and put her down.

We made our decision Sunday night. Things did not look good for our little visitor.

But, because I married a caring man, Lucy’s 11th hour came and she was pardoned. A phone call to my office said, “I just can’t do it. I’m going to try and treat her.”

Surprisingly, our little friend has rallied throughout the week and is expected to go home early next. Home. To our apartment. With us.

Like I said, I admittedly have not been on the puppy train this week. I might not be on the puppy train next week either. But, because I married a caring man, I’m actually surprised this is the first time this has happened. So I’m making an effort to get on board. It’s not like this is the first dog we’ve ever trained, and it won’t be the last. We move into our house in just over a month and will have a yard and a lot more room then, so it’s not the end of the world.

And who knows, maybe this little black wiggly ball of fluff will worm her way into my heart like she’s done with the Mister. Meera already likes her, anyway.

[No pictures yet, but updates will come next week, I’m sure.]

The good and the bad

Well, I sadly have to take back my last post. The damage the body shop found under the fender was just too much to handle, and Scooter has officially been totaled. I said goodbye to him at the body shop Friday, and it was a sad, sad moment in my life.

At least one of the employees was nice enough to take my picture with my baby before I said goodbye.


So that didn’t turn out so well. That’s the bad.

The good is that, about two hours after I posted last, we got a call that the home owners had accepted our offer on a house!

Ain’t she purty??!!

We’re still in the process of all the paperwork and approvals, but if everything continues well, we should close in time to have trick-or-treaters!!

Not excited. Not excited at all. Nope. 😀 

Long live Scooter!

When I was in high school, I made a deal with my parents. (I can’t take credit for this wonderful idea – I stole it from a friend – but it served me well nonetheless.)

The deal was if I could earn at least half of college tuition in scholarships, they would help me buy myself a car. If I could earn a full ride, they would buy me a car.

Well, in the end, my dad bought himself a car my senior year of high school and then got deployed, so I used it while he was gone. Then when I got my full ride, they just figured it would be easier to let me take that car with me to college since I had already formed an emotional attachment to him.

That car, a small Honda Civic affectionately known as “Scooter,” has kept the roads warm between Weakley and Rutherford counties, and eventually Maury County, since 2008. He took me and my college roommate on a spontaneous road-trip through four states one weekend. He carried the Mister and I away from our wedding reception (and through a torrential hail storm five minutes later) and up into the Appalachian Mountains on our honeymoon. He’s been driven by myself, all three of my immediate family members, the Mister and at least two (maybe three) of my college roommates.

I’ve been a long way in that car. He came off the lot with something like 20 miles, and has almost 104,000 miles now.

Then, last Monday, this happened:

IMG_0159 IMG_0160

My poor baby! Scooter and I were blindsided by a Ford F-250 pickup truck last week. The truck tried to pass me in the left lane on a two-lane road with a solid yellow line. I didn’t realize he was there and tried to make a left turn (into my own driveway). You see the result.

Thankfully there were no injuries, although my precious Scooter was in shambles. Everyone has told me, “Cars can be replaced, but you cannot,” and I know that’s true. I am grateful he took the impact instead of me, but I still hurt for him.

The Mister and I have been preparing ourselves to have Geico total him out and write us a check for a replacement vehicle. But guess what? The insurance adjuster came today and HE’S NOT TOTALED!

Scooter is getting a free ride to a body shop tomorrow, and hopefully within the next week or two will come back as good as new.

Long live Scooter! 😀

The Geico guy pointed out today exactly how lucky I (and Scooter) got. I already knew that, had the truck squarely hit the driver’s door, the car would not have absorbed so much of the impact and I would have been seriously injured.

But, he also pointed out, had the truck squarely hit the front tire, Scooter would likely have snapped his front axle and have been totaled out and replaced.


That is apparently the perfect sweet spot for this type of accident – right there on the main support framework between the door and the wheel well. God works in mysterious ways.

So, all in all, pretty good news today. We’ve also got one hour left to hear back on an offer we made on a house…. so we’ll see about that. Maybe my next post will have stereotypical “standing in front of the SOLD sign” photos. 🙂

Happy Thursday!


The Missus (and Scooter)