A fall of firsts

First car accident. First house hunt. First mortgage. First used car-buying experience.

It’s been a busy fall. And it’s only October 3.

This weekend was a very productive weekend of adult decisions. I had a yard sale. I made $13.50. (Hey, for a yard sale in which I invested no money, I came out $13.50 richer.)

We went car shopping. I now have a 2005 Ford Escape parked in the lot across the street from my office. It makes us happy. 🙂

I cut my hair short. It’s not a first-time change, but a change nonetheless.

We went washer and dryer shopping. Didn’t buy one, but priced a few and decided on what type we’d like in the new house. Also picked up more paint swatches, bringing my total collection to 1,368,294 color choices. The Mister has given up.

Lucy also had her first normal poop in the yard! (I know this is not what you needed to know today, but in very-sick-puppy land this is a big deal.)

Oh yes, Lucy, I’m supposed to show pictures, aren’t I?

(clockwise from top) Lucy claims her spot on the arm of the big chair; Lucy learns to dig holes (She did do the motions with her paws after this but didn’t really get anywhere.); Big sister is a good pillow (also for size comparison); Lucy and Meera lounging in the grass; Lucy follows Tyson (a neighbor’s dog) wherever he goes.

Other Lucy firsts this past week: First night not crying in her kennel; first real bath (for such a little dog, there was a lot of thumping and bumping from the bathroom during this exercise); first hole (attempted); first encounter with the vacuum cleaner.

New house, new hair, new car, new dog. The last thing to complete the cycle would be a new ba–… nah… let’s hold off on that one a little while yet.

I don’t think my stress levels could handle it. 🙂 😉

Happy Monday!


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