About the Couple

The Mister married the Missus on May 19, 2012 and their whole world changed. The Mister had to learn to leave his muddy boots at the door, and the Missus had to learn to share her bathroom (and her closet!) with a boy.

Then, not quite a year into newlywed life, the Nut House packed up and kissed the U S of A goodbye for a year-and-three-months tour on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts in the West Indies, where the Mister attended Ross School of Veterinary Medicine.

This blog is a story of the lessons and hilarity of newlywed life, as well as a chronicle of life in the middle of the ocean and beyond. Feel free to browse, link, share, comment and ask questions. Even though we are no longer at Ross University, we would like to reach out to those potentially considering studying at Ross. The Missus learned a lot about island life from other student blogs before moving, and would like to help other new Rossies in the same way.

Happy reading!

-The Chesnuts


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Liebster Award

Nominated by Sarah’s Brand New Chapter, May 2013

3 thoughts on “About the Couple

    • Wow, thanks! I am working on the rules for the award, but I have a problem. All the blogs I read have larger audiences. I only have 1 small blog I would nominate. Is this a problem?

      • The person who nominated me didn’t seem to care and I included a few blogs that I know have somewhere in the 200-500 range so I think it’s totally cool. Be a rulebreaker; it’s fun! 😉

        And no problem. I love your blog. 🙂

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