Birthday Antics

So the Mister’s birthday was this past Saturday and I made my first attempt to throw him a surprise party Friday night. I say “attempt” because he figured out there were people coming an hour or so before they arrived, but at least it lasted that long. (When you tell a man he has to put on decent clothes after his shower, it tips him off that something is going on.) He was a good sport about it though and let me surprise him anyway. It was a good party and we had fun – melted strawberry cake and 30+ mosquitoes and all. (What’s a party without a mosquito-smashing tournament?)

A group of our island family also went to see the new Robocop movie Saturday night. Oh. My. Goodness. Talk about a terrible film. Definitely on my “top 5 worst movies I’ve ever seen list.” I spent the majority of it getting angrier and angrier at the audacity of the characters that thought they had the right to turn a man’s humanity on and off at will. But part of the fun (apparently, I was told later) was seeing how terrible it really was, so the Mister enjoyed it, anyway, and that’s what matters.

The day AFTER he turned 24, the Mister and I spent 6+ hours watching ABC Family’s classic Disney movie marathon. That is definitely something they should do on a regular basis. Enough of these tween-aged “Disney feature original” movies; give me animated animals, flying pirates and sing-a-longs any day.

The Mister and I have also started watching a British-based TV series called “Merlin” on Netflix and it is WONDERFUL! We absolutely love it. It’s about the legendary city of Camelot from the story line of the powerful wizard Merlin as a young man working for (then crown prince) Arthur. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes the legend of Camelot, action, adventure, magic, dragons or, really, television at all.

So, the Mister’s 25th year on this earth started with Disney frolics, legendary adventures and futuristic crime-fighting robots. Here’s to another wonderful year!


[Just in case anyone is wondering, the other movies on my “top 5 list of worst movies I’ve ever seen” include Field of Dreams and Transformers.]