Siridean – The Legend of the Faerie Cross Begins

Well, readers, I finally know someone who has done it.

Mrs. Joy Stephens, wife of the UT Martin church of Christ student center leader and a friend of mine, has written a novel, now available on in paperback!

I’m waiting for the Kindle version to be released later this month, so I haven’t started it yet, but I know Mrs. Joy, so I know this is an epic adventure story appropriate for Christians – young and old alike. You won’t have to wonder what your children are going to be reading with this series.

Siridean is the first book of the Faerie Cross series, a story of an Irish princess destined to destroy the archangel who rescued her from an early death. Read the book review below:

There was a time that it didn’t look like Aishling would ever be in this position. When she was just six years old, a war between clans left her dead…until she was brought back to life by Raphael (aka Rafe), a rare healer and archangel who used his powers to save the little girl. For Aishling, the price for that act of kindness is just now coming into focus. For Rafe, transgressing the rules without authority has cost him dearly ever since. Battle trained with many supernatural tricks up her sleeve, Aishling is now a far more dangerous foe than she might at first appear. Bound by prophecy to marry Patrick Kavanaugh, the son of the next most powerful clan and also one of her best friends, she meets Rafe at the Hogueras Festival in Spain during her first year of college. Drawn to him, she has no idea of his true nature—or their long history. What she does know is that this man moves her in a way that Patrick never could. For Rafe, ten years burning as a demon followed by a life as a mortal possessed by demons has not deterred him from pursuing his goal of regaining his place as an angel. But his meeting with Aishling is no mere coincidence: he is protecting her as the powers of good and evil are destined to explode in a confrontation that will decide the fate of their lives—and our world as we know it. Well paced with fully realized characters and clever plotting, its sense of unrelenting tension binds the proceedings and fully invests the reader with the epic struggle facing her young heroine. An action-adventure series of uncommon intelligence and suspense, Siridean: Legend of the Faerie Cross signals the arrival of a new, first-rate young adult author and her must-read first series. -Createspace: An Amazon Company

Visit or to learn more (and to watch the book trailer, which features one of mine and the Mister’s good friends as the angel Rafe), and order yourself a copy on amazon!