And Now We Wait Some More…

Well last week was the Mister’s interview for Ross Vet School. After an eight-hour trip to Columbus, Ohio, a thirty-minute meeting and a horrendous eleven-hour trip back in the driving rain, we’re finally in the official waiting phase. His interviewer was very nice and estimated five weeks until we know the board’s decision.

Assuming the Mister is accepted for the upcoming May term, we’ll have about five weeks (after we find out in five weeks) to sell what we can, pack and store what we can’t and make our way to the island. For those who may not have been around when I first explained this situation, I’ll give a brief overview:

Ross Vet School is an American-accredited veterinary school located on the island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean, just south of Puerto Rico. It’s a year-round program, so the Mister would take classes there for two and a half years and then return to the states for his last clinical year.

St. Kitts is the smallest island federation in the Caribbean, everyone drives on the left side of the road and the monkeys are known for sneaking up on you and stealing your drinks. So yeah, it’ll be different. At first I was very nervous about the idea, but I’ve finally gotten excited about the adventure. We’ll have some awesome stories to tell our children one day, that’s for sure.

The island of St. Kitts is located in the mid-Caribbean region south of Puerto Rico.

This is where we could be living!

But in other news, while we’re waiting for those results to come in, here are a few things the Mister and I learned during our trip to The Great White North.

1. Parking spaces are much narrower in Ohio than they are out here in rural Tennessee, even for my tiny Honda Civic. There’s no way a good ole’ southern boy’s pickup truck would have fit anywhere!

2. Drivers in Ohio are not afraid to change lanes, even if that means wedging themselves between other cars at the last minute.

3. Nothing is connected directly to the main road; everything has to be reached via an access road running parallel to the main road, which creates a series of intersections-from-Hades.

4. Just because a sign hangs over a particular lane on the interstate does not mean it necessarily applies to that lane. This causes much turning around.

5. In fact, there are very few visible road signs at all until the last possible moment, at which point you still have to turn around in the next parking lot.

6. Just because you don’t see anything in the road doesn’t mean you won’t hit it hard enough to bulge a tire.

6. The people at the GoodYear Tire Repair Shop in Louisville, Ky., are very nice, even when you come in tired, frustrated and trying to outrun a snow storm.

7. It really does snow a lot farther north. I’m not sure if it’s because of the Great Lakes or just because of this particular storm system, but the flakes were HUGE! However, they do know how to prepare their roads up there, as opposed to our poor Tennessee salt trucks who get very confused by snow.

9. You can go to Jack Hanna’s Columbus Zoo in 18 degrees, although you’ll be pretty much the only ones there. There are indoor areas, though, like the aquarium and the nocturnal house.

10. Speaking of which, did you know there is a species of kangaroo that lives in trees? YES! It blew my mind too. It’s really cute.

A tree kangaroo

…in a giant rat sort of way…

So have you traveled anywhere new lately? Did you see anything there that is different from home?