Kudos to the Eskimos

I’m not gonna lie – all the weather reports from back home make me feel pretty good about throwing open my balcony doors each day to greet the tropical sunshine.

We don’t have snow. We don’t have black ice.

But, as the Mister pointed out last night, we also don’t have Taco Bell’s new XXL steak nachos, so there are pros and cons to everything.

One of my best friends, Ari, has a special gift. Every year, without fail, there has been snowfall within a week of her birthday (tomorrow). Even when there hasn’t been a hint of a snowflake all winter, it’s 55 degrees outside and Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an early spring, there is STILL snow within a week of Ari’s special day. This year, however, she seems to have overdone it a bit.

I, for one, would almost like some of that winter weather to make its way here, just for the fun of seeing how the natives would respond. We think it’s chilly here when the evening air comes off the water at a balmy 70 degrees. I throw on a hoodie to take the dog outside. No shame. But I at least know what real winter feels like. The people we go to church with find out our hometowns had single digit temps and their faces fall slack. Literally. Like cartoon characters. They cannot wrap their brains around that kind of cold.

[Quite frankly I can’t either, since we got out of dodge the day before the polar vortex froze the northern hemisphere, but I at least know what it’s like to have to dress like the abominable snowman. My roommate had to help me dress several times in college because I would wear my fleece pajama pants under my jeans and she’d have to pull the legs of the bottom pair down under the top pair so they didn’t bunch up at the knees. It’s what friends are for, right?]

So this is one time I’m actually grateful for the Mister’s school choices and the six-hour plane ride between us and the great white north (ironically, Tennessee, not Canada).

So kudos to all of you freezing your tails off back in the States; I applaud your courage. Be safe driving (and walking, and climbing stairs) and make smart choices (i.e. – stay home in your fleece pajamas whenever you can). And if you can drag your frozen feet into an airport terminal, come visit us! We have a pull-out couch. 🙂