Dragon Sightings Reported in Eastern Caribbean

**DISCLAIMER: This has been my most popular post of all time, with 8,758 views in three years. That doesn’t even count 2013, when it was published, so I would say well over 10,000 total. Everyone, this was a spoof news story, never intended to be taken seriously. Thank you for all the comments, but dragons are not real. I’m glad I am such a convincing news writer, but please don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Thanks. Now, with reality in mind, please enjoy the post.**

Local hikers on the island of St. Kitts in the eastern Caribbean have recently reported dragon sightings in and around the island’s dormant volcano, Mt. Liamuiga.

The hikers, students at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, report seeing large shadows in the persistent fog around the volcano’s crater while hiking last weekend.

“It was like the biggest bird I’d ever seen,” said one hiker. “Just this huge dark shape moving through all the fog. The heat up there was intense!”

This is not the first time visitors to the mountain’s crater have reported strange occurrences at the peak. A group of tourists last October reported seeing bursts of flame and hearing a muffled roaring sound coming from the caves at the crater’s bottom.

These dragon sightings also serve to explain why the fields of St. Kitts are constantly on fire.

“Every day you drive down the Bypass and see clouds of black smoke rising from some area or another. There are scorched fields around every turn, and no one ever seems to know how the fire got started,” a local explained. “We live in fear for our homes and our livelihoods.”

Government officials on the island have refused to confirm or deny the presence of mythical creatures on Mt. Liamuiga, insisting that the raging blazes are “controlled burns to clear fields for development.” However, locals find it hard to believe that so many controlled burns would consistently threaten the homes and businesses of island locals and visiting tourists. Many find the presence of dragons a more plausible explanation.

Experts in the field of mythological creatures have come to the island from around the world, hoping to confirm the dragon sightings.

“We are looking for tell-tale markers that would indicate the presence of dragons in the area,” said one scientist. “Things like scale sheddings, particular types of scorch marks and piles of exceptionally large excrement will let us know exactly what type of creature we’re dealing with here.”

If the presence of dragons is confirmed, a special quarantine area will be constructed around the volcano’s rim to protect these ancient creatures from human interference, as well as to protect the local population from further dragon attacks.

More information will be provided as the investigation unfolds.



30 thoughts on “Dragon Sightings Reported in Eastern Caribbean

    • Hey there can you tell me the information about the dragons you seen like where have you seen them, did you see them in the original forms or just shadow, etc.I am a 17 years old dragon believer. I am currently in school but after im done with school i would like to go searching for dragons. so if you got any information about Dragons it’ll help me a lot.

      Thank you.

  1. Well I have been coming to the island now for about 25+ years. We used to take our son on this hike, we had our first sighting in 1992. A large male that passed over the top of the ridge as we first came up. A few years later I ventured off out of a private group and stumbled on a nest but did not want to disturb it. I still have not seen a male in full sight, I did capture a large shadow passing over head but was too slow to confirm it. Anyone else have any similar experiences?

    • Hi Trent. Just hearing about this particular Dragon sighting area for the first time. I started my love for cryptozoology as a kid and I am still a bit obsessed with Dragons. Just a few questions about your sightings. Have your sightings all been around the peak of the volcano or within the crater? Any particular time of the year when you have the sightings? Where abouts within the volcano was the nest? I would just like to prove to myself of their existence rather than showing the world as I see public knowledge of these creatures can threaten their wellbeing. If you would rather talk to me privately rather than here, please reply asking for my email or post yours. Thanks.

  2. A few members of the local government are very aware of their presence here. Whenever they set the fields on fire, officials are sent out there to make it look like it is a controlled burn.

    • Makes sense actually. I couldn’t get any direct answers when I tried to talk to the government spokesperson. Of course, direct answers aren’t a forte here on St. Kitts anyway.

  3. all i have to say is they are real im bonded to a female dragon and the dragons contacted me once in a vision as i have had visions before that came true and have had very strange things happen to me. Also i have seen things no one else has signs and stuff plus the strange things that happen to me no one around to see it so of course they wont believe me but i know what happened to me. they trust me as i trust them and they protect me i know they are watching over me to make sure im ok i will protect them to as they protect me no one understands the true nature of dragons like me im also gifted with being pure good and pure light and with luck but first off dragons dont want pictures they dont want to be seen like that you would all know this if you have really been contacted with dragons and much more plus they showed me things i will not say. i probably have more to say but thats it for now.

      • np 🙂 jsut make sure to never hurt them and try to spread the word they r good not evil and hopefully ppl can change and plz promise never to hurt them

    • I love Dragons and I will never hurt them. But for some reasons I hear a ror time to time and in my dreams I feel that I am in a village full of people with dragons. Idk what dose my dream means but there’s a voice that I heard can’t make out what language it is but did u hade some thing like it to or maybe is different depending on the people.

      • Well, I can’t say that I have heard a dragon language, since dragons are mythological creatures, but if you hear voices that might not be such a good thing. Lol. I’m glad so many people have enjoyed this post, but I would like to remind everyone, in case it didn’t sink in, that the “news story” is satirical. Lol. Thanks for all your input though!

    • Hey what kind of female dragon did you bond with? Was it a black,blue,green,red or white or was your Dragon a metallic and was it a brass,bronze,copper,gold or silver?

    • I really love dragons, and i am hoping that one day when i find them I’ll be able to become friends with it. I’ve done many research of where they could have been or been seen. And yes even though i have never seen a dragon before i do believe that they do not getting taken picture of or like getting seen. However even though i know about this it still does not kill my motivation of looking for them. because even though i have not become friends with them yet deep in my heart i considered them my friends.

      • Hi Jason! Thanks for reading my blog! Unfortunately, this is a spoof news article, so the dragons are not real. If you believe, then more power to you and best of luck. Merry Christmas!

      • Is this forreal? I’ve always had a weird obsession with dragons I cant explain and always hoped they were real. So hard to distinguish real from fake these days. However, the day I find out they’re real, would just be pleasing. Loving the posts.

      • Tommy, thanks for reading! No, this is not real. I wrote it as a spoof article partly to satirize the St. Kitts “normal” and partly to make fun of the gullible. Apparently it worked too well! Lol

    • Hello, I read your comment and I would like to ask you, do you think there is any way someone like me could take contact with a dragon like the one you talked about. All my life I’be believed in dragons and I am convinced that I will see one. I am not interested in showing pictures of dragons to the world I only mean to study them or at least have proof for myself that they exist. My whole life is dedicated to dragons and I would be greatful if we could contact via email

    • I want this to happen to me, I absolutely love dragons. How can I make this happen? I trust them, I would never hurt them in any way. I adore them to much. How can these awesome things happen to me?

      Dragons ❤

  4. Hello commenters! Thank you for making this the most popular post I’ve ever made! I’ve noticed that some of you seem to be under the impression that this is a real news article, and since I am a journalist, I would like to clarify that this is a satirical article. So it was never meant to be taken as real news. The “sighting” was not real, dragons are mythical creatures and do not really live on the island of St. Kitts. The brush fires are caused by dry weather and irresponsible residents. Thank you for your enthusiasm, however! I just wanted to clear that up. Thanks.

    • That is impossible . I have been living with one since im 20 . I feed it cereals and milk for breakfast and make barbeque with its flame . This is all the governments efforts to conceal its existence . Trust me . Dragons are real . And they love cereal .

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